Capitol Hill Jazz Jam

If any of you are in Washington, DC - particularly Capitol Hill (near the US Capitol), Mr Henry's has live music upstairs Wednesday - Saturday nights starting at 8p. Wednesday night is the Capitol Hill Jazz Jam. No cover. A jar is passed for tips. You are asked to order two items from the food/drink menus. The music is consistently good, people are friendly, and the venue is intimate:

I spent some very pleasurable evenings at Mr. Henry's waaaay back in the day.  And the same could be said for The Cellar Door, Blues Alley, The Crazy Horse, and several other clubs in the downtown DC area.  Washington has always had a very vibrant music scene, glad to see it's still thriving!
Wow Mr Henry's? That was where we would go to drink when we were underage and no I won't say what,  um decade,  that was.
I lived across the street from Mr. Henry's on Capitol Hill back in the seventies.

I used to frequent Mr. Henry's in the late 90's for great comedy and music shows.  If anyone is interested in Jazz and Go-Go music,  check out a band name Jo-Go Project they are performing at Pearl Street Warehouse Sunday, March 27h.