Capitole MKII ...Drawer ...hummm

I am having lots of issues with the top sliding drawer on the new capitole MKII.

I have to lift the rear for it to slide back, very difficult and a pain. I am wondering if this thing is off its tracks.

Anyone else have an issue ?
The "tracks" you mention are really only two thin white pieces of either plastic or fiberglass looking tubes (they look like long thin pipe cleaners) that are on the sides of the drawer. My drawer was not working at all when I got it because those tubes had come loose. You must have them in correctly or the door will not slide properly. If you cannot figure out how to do it, e-mail me and I can call you and coach you through it, Once installed right, the door should give you no more problems.

BTW, I think it is a Mickey Mouse mechanism for a $9,000 player but it actually works smoothly when they are in right.
Matt- First of all don't complain you already have yours!! ;) secondly the reason the rest of us don't have ours(allegedly) is because of that some units reported problems with the drawer- damaged due to shipping- and they are redesigning the shipping box(or that's what they tell me any way). Get ahold of your dealer asap and find out what the scoop is. Another thing(though I doubt it is your problem from what you tell us) worth looking into is I know on the Mk I players there was a piece of plastic stuck back there that many owners left leaving the drawer much more resistance to open, try and look to see if there is a little strip of plastic wedged in there, it may solve your problems. Good luck! ~Tim
Thanks Tim/Frank !!

That was exactly it.. white tubey thing s had become loose and ended up inside player. takes 2 people to hold and reajust for a very smooth drawer ...yer right, mickey mouse/rinky-dink but they work !!..its all I ask !