Car Audio Newbee

I have all this home audio stuff, and change it out all the time, but I am having trouble finding out much about upgrading my car audio. Any help on where to start? I want to upgrade speakers, crossovers, transport (integrated nav system, phone, XM radio), where to start??
For the sub I would go for the Infinity Kappa Basslink over the Bazooka. It is a 200w 10in. with a 10in. passive radiator. I agree with the reviews as for my ears a more natually sounding sub that is NOT like those you hear and cringe from blocks away.
Good luck.
Head Unit: McIntosh MX406
Amps: Precision Power (the good stuff, not their junk line)
Speakers: MB Quart
Subs: JL Audio

I'm out of it now, but I spent a VERY long time in the world of car audio. These brands impressed me most along the way. Mcintosh--not cheap, but worth it. PPI--best bang for buck and very clean when installed correctly. MB Quart and JL Audio--very little comes close, and nothing comes close for less.

If it were me, I wouldn't touch Alpine with a ten foot pole...too etched and brittle, not to mention unreliable. That said, I can't stand the Alpine sound anyway. Some people like it, I'm just not one of them.

Please follow Richingoth's advice to stay away from the Bazooka sub. IMO, Bazooka is the Bose of car audio. If you don't go with JL Audio, the Infinity Kappa Basslink is a much better sub than "Buzzooka".

As always, it's your ears and wallet that count. Do what they tell you to and enjoy what you get. Don't forget to have fun with it. Hope that helps a little.
those "Buzzookas" never sounded good to me either, kinda like a sub you buy before you know what good sounds is
Well, I am limited on space due to the car being a convertible, that is where the Bazooka idea came from. I am trying to stay under $3k. So I am done. I bought an Alpine IVA310 headunit (used), and the Alpine NVA 852 navigation system, and 6 disc changer. I am replacing the stock speakers with Alpine Components speakers (4) that fit, and an Alpine amp. For the subs, I am just replaceing the existing 8" subs in the door with MTX 8" subs and an associated MTX mono amp to run them (per the MTX guys recommendation).

Will I need to add a capacitor or battery for this, or am I OK? I guess a capcitor would be a good idea no matter what. Can't wait to get my new toy (car that it).