Car Audio Speakers

I know this rarely if ever pops up on Agon. But I'm in the market for speakers for my car. Anyone have any experience with high quality car audio speaker brands that can rival audiophile speakers? I'm pretty clueless. Most of my experience in car audio comes from those idiots who blast their distorted one note hip hop/rap bass at an intersection on weekend nights.
I always wanted to hear the system that Linn used to do for Aston-Martin. Has anyone heard it? They use B&O for their premium system now.
Linn should be nice indeed. So should the Mark Levinson in Lexus. To bad you couldn't buy these systems for your own car, unless you happen to own these luxury cars.
McIntosh has a full line of power amps...visit their web site. They even have the "blue eyes"!!
I have a lot of caraudio gear stored and not used for the moment, but I can advise :
1) Focal speakers ! (strong, reliable and audiophile)
2) Amplifiers : Butler Audio tube amplifiers, Mcintosh
3) Source material : Alpine , Becker , Clarion, Mcintosh
4) Electronics : Audiocontrol
Cheers !
On the subject of factory systems, I recently had two different Jaguar XF loaners from the dealer. One had the standard sound system, and one was a luxury package with a B&W system. They both sounded pretty good, but I was a little disappointed that the B&W system didn't knock my socks off. I'm told the one in the top-of-line XJ is much better. Anyone heard it?