Carbon Fiber Brush with Milty Gun?

For those who use these together, which comes first? Does it make most sense to shoot the record with the gun first, and then use the carbon brush?

Thanks again!

I use the Milty first and then a Hunt EDA Mk6 brush. I also slightly dampen the surface of the brush with a light mist of DI/IPA solution from an old eyeglass cleaner sprayer. Works for me.
I respectfully disagree. The static pistol should be used last. There's a possibility that friction from the brush could cause some static electrical charge. Pistol always used last in any cleaning protocol.
Thanks guys...I guess I could use the pistol before and after the brush. In my experience, using the pistol before the brush helps loosen static-bound fibers and make removing them more successful. It would be easy to reuse the Milty after the brush as you suggest.