Cardas Cables

Not a question but more a comment on the company. We were fortunate to have been invited to a Music Nite of an audition of a great set of speakers (Trenner & Friedl RA BOX speakers) at a local dealer (Blackbird Audio) that are internally equipped with and were connected with the new Clear Cardas speaker and IC cables. We were honored with the presence of the prez of the company, Ms Colleen Cardas to go along with the cables. IMHO, with the name Cardas being such a large name in the Audiophile community, it isn't until a personal touch is added that one see's the effort that is put in to a product. Talking with Ms Colleen, one on one, about the company, the products and its past and the future vision of the company added a different spin to my outlook on Cardas. I own two of their cables, Neutral Ref ICs, so I had a vested interest but learning the beginnings of the company, the people and the detail that is put into the product really enlightened me and for such a large name in Audio, it is very much a family run business that takes the time to research and built the product personally ensuring a quality product. All this out of a factory in a small town in Oregon. Ms Colleen is a world traveler and to have her take the time to stop by Dan Muzquiz's business and mingle with us is a huge indicator to me that they care about their customers and their products. BTW, the CLEAR cables were AWESOME and so was the evening of equipment auditioning and getting to meet fellow Audiophiles!
I'm delighted that you enjoyed our Music Night and were able to speak with Colleen. It's hard to believe that I've known the folks at Cardas now for well over 25 years now. Colleen has always been a joy to work with and as you (Alremc) mentioned, very supportive.
I especially have liked the idea that they make great cables for just about every budget too and their design work and connectors are as impressive in the base models as they are in the top of the line models.

We sure had a blast hosting the event and there was some pretty rockin' tunes played that night. Great fun!

Thanks again for coming over and thank you for posting your observations.

Dan Muzquiz
Blackbird Audio/Gallery
I've had the pleasure & privilege of meeting & having business dealings with George Cardas & his family. They are are amongst the most friendly, welcoming, hospitable, down-to-earth & good hearted people that I could ever hope to meet. Despite all his great achievements, George is so incredibly unassuming & unpretentious; a rarity in the world of high-end audio. He also has a wonderful sense of humor and a quick wit; a quality that his daughters seem to have inherited in spades! The generosity of spirit, incredible camaraderie & genuine affection that the Cardas family members have for each other & towards their friends is truly heart warming & makes them a truly class act. I count myself lucky to have them as my friends!
Cardas is a first class company that makes wonderful cables. George and Colleen are two down to earth people who care about their products and provide excellent customer service. I'm happy to call them friends.