Cardas Clear Beyond XL PC vs The Rest

Hello all,

I'm in need of an additional PC, and I am intrigued by Cardas. I currently have Audioquest Hurricanes and Audience Front Row. There seems to be very little about the Cardas XL in search engines or reviews, and very few are listed for sale (Are they so good that no one wants to part, or are people not buying?). I would appreciate any input you may share (or any other recommendations). This cable will power my Innuos Pulse. 



I have 4 clear beyond xl power cords. I prefer them to shunyata. I actually think it’s the best product Cardas makes. 

Swap out one power cord every year or two. Spreads out enjoyment and financial investment.

I use Cardas Clear Beyond XL PC for my PS Audio DSD I DAC. Substituted for AQ Hurricane. Cardas is to my ears far more transparent and fully fleshed compared to the Hurricane, which was thin. Different strokes. Perhaps Cardas is much more recognized for IC's than their PC's, but this one is a honey. Neal