Cardas Golden Cros vs. Cardas Golden Ref

I am trying to choose between Cardas Golden Cross and Cardas Golden Reference.
The Cardas Golden Cross shifts the emphasis to the lower octaves. Great low end detail, but somewhat too much emphasis down below and a little controlling / restrictive of the upper frequencies. Great vocals, sounds like they are coming from a real human body, you can feel the vocal cords. Golden Reference simply shifts a little away from the hormonal lower octaves and gives a somewhat livelier upper end. That's my take on this. I compared them both to Nordost's SPM. I liked the SPM's imaging, but hated the paper thin vocals and it's lack of feel on the bottom end. If you have bright solid state amps, the CGC might be a good match. My 2 cents worth.
I have been a long time user of Cardas cables and I completely agree with Et's post. I used Golden Cross for many years but began to feel that it was somewhat too forgiving and "slow". I took the plunge and tried Nordost Quattro-Fil and SPM ref but it sounded thin though had great detail and speed. I settled on Golden Reference which I feel combines the strengths of both the other two: gorgeous midrange (there's a body to go with the voice), rich and solid low end, natural extension, air and detail in the treble. It plays music.
Khrys... I am exploring both these cables. How is the Reference in terms of dynamics, cutting the RF, and musicality?