Cardas Golden Reference upgrade to what?


My system currently runs all Cardas Golden Reference RCA cables between sources and preamp, and between pre and power amps. Never been an issue. Loved the Cardas full bodied and rich tone. Recent system reconfiguration forces the need to have longer RCA IC between pre and power. Good opportunity to upgrade or move onto something else rather than just a longer pair of Golden Reference. And if I can get a good deal on multiple pairs of IC, can upgrade all the other Cardas GR IC in my system also.

Any comments or suggestions?

I have tried AN-Vz cables and in my system they sound thin and with no body. I have some tried Cello String IC and although they have nice tone similar to the Golden Reference, they are harsh and less refined big time in comparison. I like the Cello better than the AN-Vz.

The following is what I have been considering:
Ocellia Reference (*)
Cardas Clear
Silent Source Musical Reference

Also considering, but less (due to price and less information):
Kondo LP, LPz - will cost an arm and a leg
Shindo - have no idea how they will sound

I have been recommended:
Basis Audio PSTT

* Anyone done a direct comparison between Cardas Golden Reference and Ocellia Reference?

Thank you all in advance for your expertise and advice.

Best regards,
I'm now a believer of Ocellia reference IC and AC cords.......just an eye opener in detail and naturalness but have not heard the speaker cable yet.
I think you should put Fusion Audio Romance on your shortlist. Best IC I have heard or owned but have not heard a ton of high dollar cables. A buddy of mine had the Golden Refs and liked them but ended up liking other cables better. Of course like anything it depends on the system and ones ear. Do a search here for Fusion Audio and judge for yourself. Eric is a great guy to deal with and talk to. He will NOT steer you wrong. Goodluck.
Thank you all for the input. Opened my horizon big time. So many of the ones mentioned above I have never heard before.

I have till the end of the year to make this happen, so I want to make the correct decision - hopefully.