Cardas Headphone Cord for Sennheiser HD600 Phones

Have enjoyed my HD600's for some time now. I would be interested to hear if anyone upgraded their standard cord to the Cardas wire. The price quoted $170 for a 15' cord, is it worth it?? I listen to them often over a broad spectrum of music. Thanks!
I agree with Tgrisham. Had similar experience when I added the cord to my HD580's.
There was a noticable difference for me after burn-in on HD650's. Your quoted price is definitely a good one. I would say go for it if you are using a headphone amp. I haven't listened to it without one, though.
+1 on tgrishams comments.
I've had my 600's with the Cardas cable for about 2 years now, running them with the CIAudio VHP-2...very happy with the setup.
I guess based on your feedback the cable is a good investment. Right now I'm using the Musical Fidelity V-Van headphone amp and it sounds quite good to me, pumping them up a notch with the Cardas and a supposed soon to be released improved power supply over the wall wart will bring me closer to headphone bliss. Thanks!