Cardas-type caps or shorting plugs?

What is everyone else using on their unused input/output jacks?

I live in a relatively RF-noisy environment and want to minimize noise pickup or radiation from unused in/output jacks on my audio/video preamp-processor, analog and digital audio, as well as video.

I've obtained some Cardas caps for the outputs, as well as a variety of shorting plugs and RCA plugs loaded with with 75ohm resistors. I understand that some preamps like shorting plugs on the (unused) inputs, and some don't.

Finally, are the 75ohm-loaded plugs useful at all (maybe for unused digital & video outputs)?

Thanks in advance!

Your on the right track. Yours your ears. Shorting RCA's for the phono inputs if you do use them. The try the Cardas on the unused inputs and see if you like the change.

In my system they worked by the sounds lack some dynamics and became thin sounding. So you never know till you try.
Use shorting plugs on inputs ONLY, otherwise you may fry the preamp's output (depending on circuit configuration).
On the outputs Cardas non-shorting caps are OK.
The 75 ohm-loaded plugs make a great termination for that unused CD/DVD digital output.