Cardas vs Shunyata power cords question

Anyone compared these? On my system Cardas Golden Cross cord that I took for an audition sounds way too coloured, kinda dark and artificialy warm - I would prefer something more detailed and natural. How does Shunyata compare? I keep hearing about them all the time.
My system is now Sony XA9000ES, Mcintosh MHT100 as pre for the fronts, McIntosh MC275 power amp and Sonus Faber Grand Pianos. I need cords with an open, detailed dynamic sound.
Hi Waltersalas,
I am waiting for some demos to come in to Don for a possible demo myself. Perhaps the two versions you demo'd are ones Don had in mind for me to try. I have two meager systems, one with a 50W Audio Refinement Complete integrated and the other with a vintage Pilot 17W tube integrated. I can't imagine needing any more than the Powerwave Extreme for these. I would imagine that the next upgrades, the Ref1 and reference would benefit more an amp that pulls a lot of current. I am going to do some experimenting next week of trying the cords on a CDP and a vintage H/K tuner. I'm glad that you like the new Reference version. I didn't know that Don had an "old" Reference version, especially since his company is so new. Have you had a chance to compare the Reference to the Epiphany on your CDP?
Go with Transparent Audio. They are cleaner and more natural than any other power cords I've heard. I use the reference power cords on my 2 channel system and they are black as black gets in the background. the music has far more breathing room and the dynamics are stunning. All from switching power cords! I'm a MAC dealer and a transparent dealer, so I know what they do together.
I had many power cords in my system, and Cardas was the very worst. It closed down the dynamics, was grainy, etc. I called Cardas and asked them if something was wrong, they said that it sounded like it had to be broken in. After 3 months of breaking in, I sold it on Audiogon.
I have been speaking with Don about the Ref-1 and Extreme Reference for my Hydra. I do not doubt the Shunyatas are good but THAT good. I have always heard the Cardas PC's were too dark and there are much better.

Another PC that is a great value is the Harmonic Tech Fantasy.
I tried Cardas Golden Power and liked Shunyata Taipan Alpha a lot better. The newer Taipan Helix Alpha is even more neutral than Taipan Alpha. Audience is my second favorite. I actually prefer Audience powerChord on cd player to a Taipan. On the amp Taipan could be better, but depends on the amp. Both the Taipan and Audience are very dynamic and open sounding without being harsh in several systems I heard, including mine.
Bottom line is you have to try it in your system.