Cars R OK, but what kind of motorcycle do you have

The thread about what AudiogoNers drive is fun to see, but I was wondering what kind of motorcycles are represented by the crazy people here? I know this has been discussed a little on other threads, but If we can slip this by the censors, it might be fun.

I have a Victory V92C. It's a few years old now, but it still a fun cruiser!

What about you?
I'm not a rider but I did help my brother to purchase a 1943 Harley Davidson WLC 45 about 25 years ago and fully restored it to its WWII Candian glory in that same time frame.
started with a kawi 400 a long time ago. went to a '78 moto guzzi 1000sp and then to a '80 zuke 1000e when it was top of the heap. I still have it in a 1075 cc pro-street format. I also have a Kawi all round bike i've ever owned.. and a pro street 96 inch custom harley.

Included in the mix in rough order of appearance has been a H-2 750 Kawi, a 78 naked gold wing (a 100 mph sewing machine there), 2 kawi zx-11s, a 1260 kaw that ran 9.70s all day long, a 1150 es zuke, a turbo GS1100 punched out to 1325 that wound up being converted to a 7 sec top gas car tire bike, an 00 zuke TL1000R redone in a tricolor candy red, and an 01 kawi ZZR1200 that i piped, grafted a zx-12 inverted front end onto it and redid it in black and candy red.
Honda VFR and Harley Davidson softail (Night train), with a custom paint job from Harley...the Honda is the most fun ride ever, but the Harley is great with a passenger...umm umm good...
1976 Kawasaki KZ900 in-line 4 with Kerker pipe, finned covers everywhere, bars, and the rest is stock. Last of the spokers! Still in near mint condition at 22k miles!