Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?

Just curious. People have asked about watches,
cigars, beer, and even ones income here.

1: What do you drive (daily & weekends)?
2: What might you be driving in the future?
3: What would you drive if $$$ was no object (pick 2 ;-)?

My answers to the above:
1: Toyota truck.
2: Newer Toyota truck.
3: Lamborghini Murcielago & McLaren F1.
I drive a Toyota Prius
Had an Alfa Romeo GTV Veloce, special ed., Alfa Romeo GTV-6 with straight pipes, another GTV, another GTV-6, and an Alfa 164 S, the last of which I handed over to my mechanic about six months after he suggested I hire someone with a large truck to total the 164 S for me. I finally learned my lesson. I'm slow.
I just picked up a 2004 corvette Z06 a few weeks ago. The most fun you can have with your clothes on......

Almarg, I was comfortable by myself, But a second person made me claustrophobic. I'm just over 6' now down from 6'2". I had plenty of head room. The handling of the Cayman with the computer was incredible. I had a 911 earlier and it was dicy. Not the Cayman. It was like having it on rails. I made a high speed about 80ยบ turn with the computer off and scared the hell out of myself. Never agains did I turn the computer off.

I must say that the Alfa could not keep up with the Cayman, but other than in acceleration allowed me to beat the 911. I have decided to buy the Bertone if I can find one.
My 2002 Chevy pickup is probably worth about 3K, my audio equipment is around 100K