Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?

Just curious. People have asked about watches,
cigars, beer, and even ones income here.

1: What do you drive (daily & weekends)?
2: What might you be driving in the future?
3: What would you drive if $$$ was no object (pick 2 ;-)?

My answers to the above:
1: Toyota truck.
2: Newer Toyota truck.
3: Lamborghini Murcielago & McLaren F1.
Abe_av, I drove the 540 for five years, so I don't feel too hard done by in the entertainment department. On the conservation side - I know the feeling that our individual consumption is a drop in the bucket compared to the industrial requirements of China or the USA. However, all that industrial need is merely the sum of the needs of the individuals involved. As such, I'm convinced you can't lower the big numbers without first lowering the small ones. "Think globally, act locally" is the meme, and if the changes don't start with us, where will they start?
I have a buncha cars
1)VW Corrado SLC 3.1 (my baby)
Honda CRX Si B16 (weekend racer)
VW Jetta GL (daily driver)
Suzuki GSF400 (daily ride when the weather is nice)

2)Honda S2000

3)TVR Tamora, Lotus Elise
'85 Mercedes 280 TE

Money no object i'd get these:
'68 Mercedes 600 SWB
'68 Mercedes 280 SEC 3.5
Land Rover Defender SWB
'70's Citroen SM
'72 Renault Alpine A110
Iso Grifo
Jensen FF
'63 Facel-Vega 2
'64 Buick Riviera
Daily Driver: 1999 Land Rover Discovery II (I telecommute)
Weekender: My wifes 2001 BMW 525i

No big whoop. I never buy NEW cars ... that's for fools.

I have had my eye on a Jaguar S-Type

Money is no object: Brand New Ford GT ... you better clear the roadway. Back-up choice: The biggest Hummer ever made ... just to piss-off the hippies.