Cartridge advice in the $2000 range

My current set up is a Nottingham Spacedeck and heavy platter, Schroeder 2 arm, Shindo Monbrison and Auditorium 23 step up. I'm thinking about a Transfiguration Phoenix, Benz Ebony, Dynavector DVXX2 Mk2. Anyone compare or have any comments about any of these cartridges?
i would echo the statement about the zyx cartridges particularly the airy3. I have used the airy3 and universe and think they are great cartridges. I have used van den hul frog before moving to the zyx so my mc experience is limited
Another vote for the ZYX line of cartridges.
I'm using the ZYX R-100, one of the lower model in their line and was blown away. You can't go wrong with the R-100 Fuji or the Airy 3.
Call me ignorant but...
What has you firmly convinced that you need a new cartridge??

You have an EXTRAORDINARY tonearm!! Count yourself extremely fortunate.
I'm not a Nottingham fan. Your existing cartridge is probably fine. Sell the Nottingham and use the money towards a Raven or if need be a Baby Raven. OR perhaps a better TT stand. OR perhaps better matching for your existing cart - if it is also an MC type.

What speakers are you using?
What Preamp?
What amp(s)?

If you REALLY need a new cartridge... IMHO, at much less loot, a LYRA Argo i, Dorian or a Soundsmith re-do is probably more cartridge than most systems can resolve.
My prediction is that what you are seeking lies in upgrading other parts of your system.
ortofon jubilee floats my the reviews I would have to agree with them, does everything very well.