Cartridge Alignment

Hi Guys, 

I need some expertise from the forum I'm at wits end over this. I have a Pro-Ject RPM-1 Turntable with a Grado Statement Series Platinum 1 Cartridge. I've aligned the cartridge using both the supplied Pro-Ject alignment tool and the Purest Audio Model PT-89-A tool. Both are aligning the same, stylus tip in the dot, front and sides aligned to the grid and the height of the top cartridge is parallel to the height line on the Purest Audio tool as well as both front and side are 90 degrees to the platter.

What I'm experiencing:
- Distortion starting about halfway through the album to the end. The first 2-3 tracks are mint 
- Over emphasized and brassy high's especially on S's, C's T's and cymbals. 

What am I doing wrong, should I be aligning to a different standard? I'm afraid I'm damaging my albums! Any help would be appreciated.

Some things come to the turntable absolutely the cartridge tracking at about 1.7 the arm free of drag as you move it to the spindle and back by hand....did you get the cartridge new...look at the stylus head on and see if its bent...  I know Grados well, and this is not the Grado sound.  Call Grado and hear what they say...
Thanks Stringreen, Cartridge is mine, not much use - AAA grade albums. I'm a Grado fan, I have a Gold G2+ that tracks perfectly, kinda disappointed in this one. I'm tracking at 1.559 - digital force gauge. I've tried moving the anti skate to all 3 settings with no change. Table level as well. it's a mystery for sure!
Thanks Palasr, I sent an email to Grado to get their input - protractors aren't cheap as you know, I'm trying to avoid the expense if possible!
Try this free arc protractor:  All you need is the effective length of your tonearm, and the generator will make an arc protractor for Baerwald, Loefgren or Stephenson measurements.  Be certain you print it without scaling and verify by using the reference lines printed on the protractor.  If you like the outcome, you can always buy a Mint protractor which aren't too expensive.