Cartridge Demagnetization: Moving Magnet/Iron vs Moving Coil Processes

For years I have applied the old, very effective, demagnetization process for Moving Coils: put on a test signal record, detach phono cables, hold pin on one RCA to the can of the other for a minute and then reverse holding other pin to other can. Improvement is dramatic and immediate. Is there an equivalent process, (though not about degaussing the iron I suspect), for Moving Magnet/Iron cartridges with equal improvement results?
Moving Magnet cartridge must always be MAGNETIZED. 
Do not do anything to de-magnetize it.
For MM/MI you can use Cardas Frequency Sweep LP that ultrasonically clean the cartridge stylus and degauss the entire system.

This is another crazy trick (free of charge), i’m not sure about it, but you can watch the video instruction.