Cartridge for a Rega P5?

I am new to vinyl.I am considering a Denon 103,a Benz Micro Glider L and the Shelter 501 II.Which one of these or others matches the Rega 700 arm best and which ones have the best sound stage,durability etc? My Rega goes through a PS Audio GCPH to Classe CAM-350s which power Thiel CS6s.

I've tried 2 Rega carts including their top o'the line Exact and I was very unimpressed with either one. They're easy to set up... and that's the end of the list of good things I found to be true about Rega carts.

The P5 is a good turntable, go for a Dynavecto 20XL, Ortofon OM2 Black or similar.

I've used a Denon 103R and a Denon 103D on a Rega arm and it worked fine, but it was better with a headshell weight attached.
I have a P5 with the new Glider SL, and it sounds beautiful! The Rega Exact cartridge is very good, but IMO it's lacks the speed and highs of the Glider! Just my two cents! Just make sure that what ever cartridge you purchase it complimenst your phono-stage and vice-versa! Looks like you already have a great system! My vote is for the Glider! Good luck!
Thanks for the helpful responses.Further study has narrowed my choices down to the Micro Benz Glider SL and the Dynavector 20XL.I have heard from several sources that 20XL matches the P5 very well.Will either or both of these carts need a 2.5 mm shim?
I required a washer/shim underneath my RB900 on my Rega P9 when using the 20XL. I am certain you will require a shim if you choose the Dynavector and want to maintain correct VTA, but I can't advise you on what size!