Cartridge for Graham 1.5

Currently I use a Benz LO4 or Shelter 501 with the Graham on a Orbe TT. I would like to hear what others believe to be the best match for this arm at reasonalbe cost ie less than 2K.

The rest of the system is DIY fet-Loesch preamp with plenty of gain, Berning EA-230 and Quad original ESL's.
Benz rebuilt it like OEM? Do you remember the rebuild price?

I would love to be able to compare a Koetsu rebuild with a Benz rebuild of a Koetsu, but haven't had the chance. I have no reason to doubt the rebuilder's skill, at least. As far as I can tell the Benz-rebuilt cart has the Koetsu characteristics you read about, including the Rosewood Sig's famous (and just delightful) midrange sweetness.

I'm afraid I don't remember the precise rebuild cost but it was cheaper than sending the cart to Koetsu.
Well I decided to try the Ortofon Jubilee listed here from Audio Revelation. Jay was nice to deal with but he was not fond of the Graham 1.5. Next week I shall here what the Jubilee has to offer loaded at 100 on the Graham. I don't really want to purchase another arm but did find out that Michell makes a board for the Triplanar. I need to keep that idea out of my brain ;-)

Thanks again all!

and Tobes
Where is a good place to start with VTA if I use 2.3 VTF?
I found the Jubilee is very sensitive to small changes of all setup parameters - azimuth, VTA, VTF and antiskate all have to be carefully adjusted. It'll sound very nice with moderate care - but it will take a fair bit of experimentation to optimise things (this is probably true of most fine cartridges).
Start with VTA parallel - you probably won't deviate much but soundstage/focus/coherence will lock in when it's right. Soundstage size, clarity and focus should blitz the 501 if my experience the CJ is anything to go by.
I usally tweak VTA on a per record basis - definitely if there is a change of vinyl weight.
The cartridge will still sound fine if you set and forget VTA (it's difficult to make it sound bad), but you will cheat yourself of the excellence of which it is capable.
Good luck!
The Helikon is a superb design.I have heard it on many occassions,in a wonderful system.The owner is a fanatical collector of vinyl,and it easily satisfied him,as well as myself and others.
He has moved to the Titan but the Helicon is not all that "embarassed" by the superior performance.
Well hopefully I can get it close. I don't usually fool with settings after I'm happy. I don't relish the thought of changing vta for every record although its nice to know changes will mean something. I should get the Jubilee Tuesday and start playing with it.

Thanks ever so much to all!