Cartridge for Graham 1.5

Currently I use a Benz LO4 or Shelter 501 with the Graham on a Orbe TT. I would like to hear what others believe to be the best match for this arm at reasonalbe cost ie less than 2K.

The rest of the system is DIY fet-Loesch preamp with plenty of gain, Berning EA-230 and Quad original ESL's.
Well hopefully I can get it close. I don't usually fool with settings after I'm happy. I don't relish the thought of changing vta for every record although its nice to know changes will mean something. I should get the Jubilee Tuesday and start playing with it.

Thanks ever so much to all!

I have installed the Jubilee on the Graham 1.5. The size and weight of the Jubilee is much different than the Shelter 501 II. I had to add the extra balance weight and raise the arm. I am loading the Jubilee at 100 ohms and have played with the azimuth and VTA. I think I am close and used the Hi Fid test record to check things. Tracking is very good. I think the bass is more dynamic and quicker, very noticable and the VTA really was important here. The mids (vocals) have lost a bit of sugar (less lush) and the treble has a more detail but not at all harsh. For me it’s a better overall balance from top to bottom and the speed gives me goosebumps. I liked the Shelter but I am real happy with the Jubilee and believe it’s a very good match with the Graham.
I actually preferred the Helikon to the Titan i which I replaced after 2 weeks with the ZYX Universe.
This cartridge is in a league of its own!
Don't get hung up on compliance figures etc.
The Graham is a unipivot arm and Lyras (particularly the Helikon) very well in it.
I think its more important for me not to get hung up on the Graham being criticized because it’s a unipivot thus can not handle low compliance cartridges with lots of energy. I have read many posts about this and not found much about what worked. Without another arm like a Triplanar or SME V to test against I have to rely on opinions here. It is very reassuring to see all these different cartridges used on Grahams. I had considered the Sumiko Celebration and Dynavector XX-1 also. Personally I would rather purchase these cartridges over a different arm if I had extra money to spend. Sounds like the Helikon is very popular also. If I save my nickels I might be able to try another next year! If I keep this up I will have a cartridge collection also. I guess if the Graham can keep a Denon 103 in the groove it can handle pretty much anything I would throw at it.

Thanks again for all the help.