Cartridge for Graham 1.5

Currently I use a Benz LO4 or Shelter 501 with the Graham on a Orbe TT. I would like to hear what others believe to be the best match for this arm at reasonalbe cost ie less than 2K.

The rest of the system is DIY fet-Loesch preamp with plenty of gain, Berning EA-230 and Quad original ESL's.
Thanks for the photos Tobes. I have the first one accurate to 0.002 +-?. I looked at my Orbe and made a block about 1/8 lower than the platter height. My gauge on platter says 2.152. Gauge on my block says 2.105. It seems as though Jameswei is correct in that the Graham is pushing down somewhat. In my poor mind I don't see it but then again its late and the difference here is below my tolerance level. Learned something new again!
I think, you've done your decision, but when you are looking for something special, do a search for a Incognito 'Shibui'.
A very remarkable cartridge for the money.
Yes the scale has .002g precision. Unfortunately this precision is offset by inaccuracy caused by not measuring at record height. Nonetheless, it can still be used as a reference point.
Best to make fine adjustment of VTF by ear anyway (though I like to take a measurement so I can repeat the setup if swapping cartridges etc).
As you said, listening is more fun than obsessing over the actual VTF - as long as it is set for best sound.

The whole thing with the arm height helps explain the anomalies that have been bugging me with VTF measurements on the Graham. I agree it does seem counter-intuitive though.
Thanks for your input James.
Cheers, Paul
As I went to sleep last night the light came on in the brain and I understand the VTF change. It could be positive or negative depending on VTA. It looks like my arm is close to parrallel.
So we have the same scale! I have yet to measure the blocked scale reading height against the record height but I know I'm very close. I will probably not change cartridges for a while, just enjoy listening to what I have.

All of you all are GREAT! Thanks ever so much for all the input.
I have now made a stand for my gauge and am at record height when I measure VTF. I reset the VTF to 2.3 grams and dropped the rear of the arm a bit more. I am pleased with the sound overall and will probably leave well enough alone and listen. I decided some new records where in order and purchased some reissue Decca and RCA listings from Acoustic Sounds. For me the Ortofon Jubilee is a great cartridge.
I'm enjoying life and music.