Cartridge for SAEC WE-308 SX / Thorens TD 124 mkII

Well, I believe someone can have the arm of his choise and is perfectly normal to match the proper cartridge afterwards.
Even if this is against the common practice, (like trying to match the proper speakers while you allready have your favorite power amp) IT IS acceptable !
I think the influence of the cartridge in our system is of major importance, (comparable only with speaker's).
But given the facts like :
Convenience of adjustments, compatibility with the given turntable & even the whole philosophy behind the tonearm design (unipivot, knife edge, cardanic, dual pivot, sliding rods, magnetic, thread, air, ball bearings, 9"-9.5"-10"-10.5"-11"-12" , carbon, wood, aluminium, steel, titanium arm tubes, e.t.c) and above all the level of build quality and the joy of use, we can not acuse anyone if it makes his choice before purchasing the cartridge.
In fact I'm doing exactly the same these days :
I decide to keep only the items that I admire as masterpieces in terms of design, execution & quality control but also keeping a high std of performance per $$$
So, (after puting aside the legendary & extremely overpriced exotics) -by this point of view- my champions are the Thorens TD 124mkII and the SAEC WE-308 SX/ULS-3X above their contemporary ambitious competitors.
Believe me I've tried too many of them for over 30 years and I'm not going to abandon my reference point, I just feel this vintage vibe this period, with no regrets about the useful past and I'm wondering about the possibility of matching a modern hi-tech cartridge to keep my reference level, BUT without loosing the strengths of each part !
Of course now I'm facing the challenge for matching the proper cartridge that can fulfill the success of the package in keeping intact & even highlight it's character.
Maybe its difficult but not impossible to achieve this goal.
So, please any advice about matching their specific needs would be of great help, especially given the fact that no one can borrow cartridges for audition.
Its true that my precedent analogue source was way different :
Symphonic Line RG6 / Pluto 9A / Colibri XPP
While my all time favorite cart is the Goldfinger ! (unfortunatelly I don't have it any more)
Lately I've been trying the Reed 3Q with the Goldfinger on my TD124mkII but although the quality was of highest level, somehow I feel like I'm abusing the spirit and the integrity of this new for me logic about avoiding the hideously expensive stuff, so, I've get rid of the Reed also !
But do you really think that I'm downsizing right now ?
Do I have to accept this new path as a compromise ?
Is there any chance for my new-old front-end to reach an equally high level ?
Please feel free to express your anger about my choices or whatever can direct me to the right path.
Is the SAEC WE-308 SX with the ULS-3X headshell a worthy arm ? (I'm going to receive it next week).
What is the ultimate cartridge for this arm ? (providing a good match with the Thorens TD 124mkII also).
Any thought would be of great help.
Thank you in advance.
Dear Geoch: I like SAEC tonearms and the 308 model is very good.

The ultimate cartridge with this tonearm?, this is almost imposible that any one can tell you, at least I can't do it, because I did not try yet all the cartridges out there ( LOMC or MM/MIs. ) and certainly not with that specific model and in the other side that SAEC design come with removable headshell that give us several headshell options for we can mate a desired cartridge with.

In my SAECs the XV-1 performs really good and I can't see how the Goldfinger does not performs on that tonearm in great " shape ".

Now, if you don't care on cartridge design I could recommend
the Empire 4000DIII that you can see it on Agon's auctions or A Nagaoka MP-500.

The ULS-3X is a good SAEC ceramic headshell with 18grs. on weight, it is very nice but not for every cartridge, you need to make tests about.

You need too take advantage on the removable hedshell tonearm design trying cartridges with different weight and build material headshells where you find out with which headshell a cartridge performs at its best.

Sorry if I can't be more specific.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Raul thank you for your reply.
The removable headshell is quite a helpful feature with so many options that I may end up having every one that is available. That is not clearly psyhotic but I become to afraid the possibility of pairing each one of them with the right cartridge !
OK I'm excited a bit in front of this new found perception -(against the commonly acceptance reference of the one & only, best-ever headshell permanently fixed to the arm's tube, hardwired from cartridge to phonostage)-
and I admit that you inspired me a lot for this.
One other aspect that drives me to this SAEC is the curiocity for the "double knife edge bearing".
From my experience of the SME 3009 , 3012 there is something special in these bearing types, that brings forth a more organic texture without dulling or mudding or warming the cartridge's character. I could never pretend that my system is neutral, (neither I want it to be)
but I could not stand any more the dillema between :
"my favorite cartridge OR my favorite arm" ?
By this logic I proceed to this purchase expecting to find an allrounder tonearm that opens the ground for experiments and help my self to escape from the one & only, best-ever naive & idiotic syndrome of my second childhood that drives me every now and then to change everything in my system.
Thank you for the inspiration & your suggestions.
I hope some day to be able to enjoy the true spirit of this hobby & find the pure pleasure by listening the music & not the f***ing components.
Dear Geoch: +++++ " I hope some day to be able to enjoy the true spirit of this hobby & find the pure pleasure by listening the music & not the f***ing components. " +++++

well, a main target for everyone I think. Some already there.

Btw, the SAEC headshell metal top plate is threaded and not works with a cartridge with threaded mount holes ( or at least is not easy to mate it. ).
Because I own so many cartridges I solve this " trouble " drilling the headshell plate holes, I mean drilling wider ( tiny wider. ). This makes things easy and does not affect the headshell functions.

regards and enjoy the music,