Cartridge for VPI TT with JMW 9 tonearm

After years of listening to digital (DSD/Flac, CDs/SACDs) and contemplating on buying a TT I finally bought a very well kept VPI Scout Jr with an upgraded JMW 9 tonearm (instead of the original gimballed tonearm). I would like to upgrade the cartridge and unlike many here who are looking for expensive cartridges, I have a limited budget. So unfortunately the search is not helping since I keep finding recommendations for >$1k carts.

My Phono premap is a Pro-Ject Phono Box DS that supports MM and MC. My amp is Naim, speakers Focal Sopra 1. I listen mostly to Jazz, Electronic, and some Rock. Prefer a full-body, semi warm sound with good bass.

After some internet search, I came-up with the following potential cart options in my price range (<$400) that seem to have been highly recommended, but I have no idea which one would actually be a good match for my TT/tonearm. Can you please let me know which would be the best choice for my setup? As always, I appreciate your comments and recommendations!

Grado Prestige Gold 3  (MI)
Audio-Technica AT-OC9XEN (MC)
Sumiko Blue Point #2  (MC)
Denon DL-103R (MC)
AT-ART 9, Hana SL and for significantly less money the AT-PTG33/II. All solid performers on my VPI Scout 1.1. 
Do your self a favor and try Teo_Audios' CBP M&M cart for $250.00 with a 2 week return policy, you won't return it. This is a reworked AT VMN cart with a bonded elliptical stylus, just upgraded mine to a Microline stylus and love this cart on my Scout with the 9 arm and has replaced a ART 9 at 4 times the cost. Enjoy the music
Motorway, thanks for the response. While I would love to have any of those cartridges, they are all unfortunately outside my budget.

Tooblue, thanks for the recommendation, I will need to read about that. 
Your arm and table are irrelevant. What matters is your phono stage and ears.

Select a cartridge with enough output to work well with your stage. MM or MC is irrelevant, as long as the output is there.

Do NOT use this criteria to select the cartridge! Use output to exclude from consideration only. Then look through those that are left by reading reviewers listening impressions.

Pick the one you like the best that also has enough output. This is the recipe for success. Lots of great medium output MC for under a grand. Lots of good MM too. At the level you're at you can get huge performance from a budget cart by improving the phono stage. So don't be afraid to use a "cheap" ($250-500) cartridge. If doing so might help upgrade the stage sooner that could prove a wise move.

millercarbon, thank you for the great suggestions, appreciate it. I am looking to upgrade the phono stage as well, but definitely need a cartridge since the one that came on the table needs to be replaced. 
If you have recommendations for phono stage please let me know.