Cartridge for VPI TT with JMW 9 tonearm

After years of listening to digital (DSD/Flac, CDs/SACDs) and contemplating on buying a TT I finally bought a very well kept VPI Scout Jr with an upgraded JMW 9 tonearm (instead of the original gimballed tonearm). I would like to upgrade the cartridge and unlike many here who are looking for expensive cartridges, I have a limited budget. So unfortunately the search is not helping since I keep finding recommendations for >$1k carts.

My Phono premap is a Pro-Ject Phono Box DS that supports MM and MC. My amp is Naim, speakers Focal Sopra 1. I listen mostly to Jazz, Electronic, and some Rock. Prefer a full-body, semi warm sound with good bass.

After some internet search, I came-up with the following potential cart options in my price range (<$400) that seem to have been highly recommended, but I have no idea which one would actually be a good match for my TT/tonearm. Can you please let me know which would be the best choice for my setup? As always, I appreciate your comments and recommendations!

Grado Prestige Gold 3  (MI)
Audio-Technica AT-OC9XEN (MC)
Sumiko Blue Point #2  (MC)
Denon DL-103R (MC)
I am using vpi prime with ortofon quintet bronze and ps audio stellar phono.  Sounding great with my sopra 2 driven by gryphon diablo 300.  Great with Jazz with full body low end such as double bass playback. 
A popular $1K cart for the VPI is the Audio Technica ART9. You can find the 1st generation for under $1K

There are plenty of threads on the ART 9.

Your phono stage is up to the task, but the ART9 or equivalent will sound even better with a phono stage higher up the food chain. Consider $2K+ in the future( find used for half).

I've been using a $400 Soundsmith Otello after crashing an ART9. It's performance is so good, I've been able to postpone buying another ART 9 or better. This because I have a phono stage capable of supporting $5K+ carts. My phonostage is long discontinued, so not worth mentioning. I do use tubes though.

Better performance with a lesser cart/better phono stage than the opposite.
Thanks everyone for the great comments and info you provided. These lead me to potentially re-prioritize my purchase plans - it seems I should look at upgrading my Phono preamp first before the cartridge. I will look into that to see what options I have. 
Usaudiomart has a few interesting cartridges a Hana eh and a Soundsmith Carmen with low hours.
I have always had luck on the gently used market. You can usually make a deal for under the asking price.
I'm currently using a Carmen 2 on a VPI Aries Scout with the JMW 9 with excellent results. I did have to add a headshell weight which was about $5 on eBay. I've also used a Sumiko Bluepoint Evo 3 with equally good results.

Good luck.
I see that in all my babble I failed to include a comment directly to your lineup choices.

The OC9 series is quite good at their price point. I've  used the OC9 III. Be aware AT's can have a VERY active top end. The newer series appears to give more stylus options. If you go AT, choose the most your wallet will tolerate.