Cartridge for VPI TT with JMW 9 tonearm

After years of listening to digital (DSD/Flac, CDs/SACDs) and contemplating on buying a TT I finally bought a very well kept VPI Scout Jr with an upgraded JMW 9 tonearm (instead of the original gimballed tonearm). I would like to upgrade the cartridge and unlike many here who are looking for expensive cartridges, I have a limited budget. So unfortunately the search is not helping since I keep finding recommendations for >$1k carts.

My Phono premap is a Pro-Ject Phono Box DS that supports MM and MC. My amp is Naim, speakers Focal Sopra 1. I listen mostly to Jazz, Electronic, and some Rock. Prefer a full-body, semi warm sound with good bass.

After some internet search, I came-up with the following potential cart options in my price range (<$400) that seem to have been highly recommended, but I have no idea which one would actually be a good match for my TT/tonearm. Can you please let me know which would be the best choice for my setup? As always, I appreciate your comments and recommendations!

Grado Prestige Gold 3  (MI)
Audio-Technica AT-OC9XEN (MC)
Sumiko Blue Point #2  (MC)
Denon DL-103R (MC)
Usaudiomart has a few interesting cartridges a Hana eh and a Soundsmith Carmen with low hours.
I have always had luck on the gently used market. You can usually make a deal for under the asking price.
I'm currently using a Carmen 2 on a VPI Aries Scout with the JMW 9 with excellent results. I did have to add a headshell weight which was about $5 on eBay. I've also used a Sumiko Bluepoint Evo 3 with equally good results.

Good luck.
I see that in all my babble I failed to include a comment directly to your lineup choices.

The OC9 series is quite good at their price point. I've  used the OC9 III. Be aware AT's can have a VERY active top end. The newer series appears to give more stylus options. If you go AT, choose the most your wallet will tolerate.
tablejockey, thank you for the vote on OC9 III, would love to have that one, but outside my price range. Hopefully the OC9XEN is similar. 

Johnto, thanks for recommendations on Hana EH. I have added that to my list as well as the Goldring 2500 is one shows-up on the used market. Thanks.