cartridge headshell screws.

I cannot believe how much of a difference cartridge headshell screws affect the sound.  I am currently using a Benz glider that was recently retipped.  I was using a set of screws the retipper sent, then tried the VPI screws.  Something did not sound right.  Then I installed the original Benz screws and I'll be darned, amazing difference.  They made all the difference.  Incredible.  Anyone else experience this?
tzh21y - 
Ignoring the possibility that alignment geometry changed when switching screw sets, seems to me another potential variable contributing to the difference in sound you report might be the amount of torque used to tighten each screw.  Was that the same for all sets?  Also, I'm assuming you reset tracking force as necessary after installing each set?  By the way, are you comparing 3 sets of screws (i.e., retipper's screws were different than the original Benz screws) or just 2?  Interesting observation but not sure what to do with it.  Detail on the changes you heard would be helpful....although I, personally, can't see myself switching out mounting hardware to "optimize" the sound from my TT.  

Lots of variables with mounting hardware. Weight will be one. Aluminum will be much lighter than stainless or brass for example so you can have minor changes in effective mass that might improve or degrade things. 

Magnetic vs. non-magnetic hardware would be potential issue with moving coils also-never a good idea to crank magnetic hardware right up against a moving coil cartridge. That could easily affect sound quality as well. 
Dear tzh21y: Well, your cartridge comes from a fresh retip from a rettiper other than Benz Micro.

You used 3 sets of screws and as other gentleman said the final alignment with each crews set was not exactly the same ( maybe similar but not exactly the same. ).
In the other side what the gentlemans said here about screws torque is important and it matters because if not the same torque level on both screws the kind of resonances between the cartridge body and headshells changes its frequency range.

I like to use " maximum " torque that permit the cartridge body/headshell build materials. When a little loose ( for me. ) distortions are higher but this is me.

The difference in between those 3 sets of screws weigth almost does not affect the effective mass that could result in a change in the cartridge/tonearm resonance frequency, is really insignificant its contribution on it for we can hear it.

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Replaced the aluminium bolts (into the Decca plastic threads) with brass ones on mine. Sounds better. I reverted back to be sure and it sounded awful. Way better with the heavier brass ones -with the bolts screwed upwards with nuts on top. 
noromance---for an even bigger improvement, have a Decapod installed on your Decca!
I don't know.  I am pretty sure the alignment and azimuth were the same.  It sounded night and day different to my ears.  The Benz micro screws sounded much better than the VPI or the screws which were included with the retip.  Maybe it is what they are made of and the weight as the Benz micro screws were lighter that the other screws.  They do look like they are made out of a different metal than the other two.
dear Raul, I do agree that the torque does affect the playback as well.  It may have been different.
The changes I heard were to me large.  The tonal character of the cartridge changed for the better, better bass, midrange, air, everything.
Well those changes are really " dramatic " for the better. Do you know the Benz screws build material?.  Thank's.

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I do not but they do look different from the others.  The others are lighter in color compared to the Benz screws.
"I am pretty sure the alignment and azimuth were the same". Highly unlikely! When you replaced the screws you inevitably ended up changing the cartridge alignment and other performance parameters and THAT is likely responsible for 90% of the change you are hearing. Can screw materials, torque and some of the other variables mentioned impact the sound? Probably, but only slightly and it is doubtful you would hear it. The change in sound quality you describe is far too great to be accounted for by these variables. However, even the slightest change in alignment, azimuth, VTF will alter the sound in the way you describe.
Dear t. : During the first 50-60 hours of playback in a new cartridge almost every day the sound is changing. Sometimes only a little and sometimes in greater way and this broken time can be affecting what you are listening.

Maybe you have to wait for at least those playback 50 hours till de cartridge is already settle down and then do te screws tests again.

regards and enjoy the music,
Right.  I know.  The difference to me was noticible enough to post it.  IThrough many trials and tribulations with this table I have a good feeling for the sound it produces.  I guess I am just surprised at the difference a screw can make, whether it is the weight, material, etc.  Pretty amazing. 
@tzh21y. I totally understand. After spending over a year (on and off) with a cartridge that turned out to be defective, I tried everything. Brass, Ti, SS, a heavier counter weight.... it was exhaustive. I kept some Titanium headshell screws (accidently bought 2.5 instead of 2.6s) for their light weight and started over with a new cart. Although it didnt have the distortion of the defective cart, it was super rolled-off in the mid treble region (I'd guess 10k -14k range). So cymbals and acoustic strings sounded muffled or way down in the mix. I've messed around with that cart trying more VTA, less and then more VTF, zenith, etc. But I never expected what I tried next. I removed the Ti screws in favor of SS screws. And wow, I finally have 'cut' to my music again. Huge difference indeed. I ordered brass just to see what they will sound like. I suppose as the other user said, part of it could be torque but with little distortion and just lacking treble, I'm doubtful. Either way, I recommend experimentation with headshell bolts. You might be surprised, as tzh21y and I are. And for the record (pun intended) I had no idea what to expect with the results. So my Google search brought me here.