Cartridge ISOLATION; What Say You?

another good read, it does go against my 'instinct' of a rock solid cartridge/arm connection. (non-removable headshell) 

Who thinks what?
Who tried what?

btw, has anyone tried a Len Gregory cartridge (with or without the isolator)?

another comment in the article: reviewer mentioned a layer of isolation under the tonearm base (he tried blu-tac). Also against my 'instinct'.
Dear @mijostyn :  did you try/test that kind of isolator between the top plate of the cartridge and the tonearm headshell? or what you posted in the thread is only non first hand experience proved " imagination "/hypothesis or the like.

I don't understand why some folks seem to think that the tail wags the dog.There is no movement of the cartridge when an elastomer is tightly clamped between the body of the cartridge and the tonearm mounting plate. My Graham 2.2 comes with what appears to be a velour covered gel pad below the tonearm mounting surface, and thus provides some damping properties. I would not consider to defeat this built in damping, nor add to it.