Cartridge (other than Rega) with Rega RP10

I've had a Benz RubyZ with my Rega RP10 for several years now, a very nice combination. I was wondering what other RP10 owners might be using and recommend, other than the Rega cartridges.
Dynavector with short Diamond cantilever is great and this cantilever is very well protected, the other two cartridges with long cantilever in front of the cartridge can be smashed easily and it will be a tragedy. 

17D2 mkII 
Apheta 3 

When I first got the RP10, it came with a Rega cartridge, the original Apheta maybe, I'm not sure. But whatever it was, it was hard, bright and unlistenable. I had it quickly changed out to the Benz. Hopefully Rega cartridges have improved since then.
Modern Rega MC cartridges actually sound very good - not at all like the original Apheta.  Popular non Rega choices here in the Toronto area include LOMC designs from Dynavector, Hana, Ortofon and Clearaudio.

I recent heard the Ania on a new P8 and it was stunning.
Has anyone put a Lyra on the P10?  I'm thinking about a P10, but with something better than Apheta3 and know people who love Lyra.  (Is it a given that the arm would need a shim installed? I think so but not 100% sure.)