Cartridge reccomdations?


ill be in the market for a cartridge upgrade by the end of summer so I'm looking for input. My tastes lean toward indie music such as Daughter, Belle and Sebastian, Cinerama, et cetera. I have a shelter 501 III and it's fantastic but if I can get better, I want to.  I've read that the Lyra Delos is a good cartridge for me. Any suggestions?

Numark GrooveTool.
Seriously, judging by your system you have the funds to get whatever you like and the expertise to know what that is. You may always wonder it if you don't try a Lyra. Like that girl/guy you were in love with before you met your spouse.
Very happy Lyra Delos user here with similar music playing, I can absolutely recommend this cartridge in case it fits your tonearm. 
I use the Lyra Delos on a Rega P9 and feel no need to try other cartridges, happy where I am.
Lyra Delos is awesome. I am just installing one on a new Technics SL-1200G Table for a customer.

I have a Lyra Delos on my Prime/10" 3D tonearm.... love it. Prior to it I had an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze (now want to sell). The Bronze is great but very warm in my current full tube setup (LM 518 and Chinook phono). The Lyra Delos is just right... airier and more transparent overall. When I want a "meatier" sound I put on my Ortofon 2M Bronze :)
Thanks for the input! I'm pretty sold on the Delos now. I’ll keep checking back for more mini reviews or other suggestions. Thanks again everyone!!!!