Cartridge Recommendation

I have a brand new VPI Classic 1 turntable and Chinook preamp. I am looking for the best cartridge for this combination.
I listen to mostly 60's jazz and acoustic rock.
Thanks very much for any advice......
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Budget? Beyond your listed musical preferences, any audio attributes you prize more than others (dynamics, resolution, neutrality, etc...)?
I am using a Benz Micro Wood SL with my classic one and listen mostly to Classic Rock, Classical and Female Jazz Vocals. My Phono Stage is a Herron VTPH-2.
Hello Banyon - it would be hard to imagine anything better for you in that price range than the Soundsmith Zephyr, which is a low mass, moving iron cartridge that was designed for the VPI arm/table. I have owned Benz, Lyra, and ZYX and the Zephyr made the analog portion of my system sound far better than the others - just my 2 cents. Good Listening!