Cartridge Recommendation

I have a brand new VPI Classic 1 turntable and Chinook preamp. I am looking for the best cartridge for this combination.
I listen to mostly 60's jazz and acoustic rock.
Thanks very much for any advice......
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Budget? Beyond your listed musical preferences, any audio attributes you prize more than others (dynamics, resolution, neutrality, etc...)?
I am using a Benz Micro Wood SL with my classic one and listen mostly to Classic Rock, Classical and Female Jazz Vocals. My Phono Stage is a Herron VTPH-2.
Hello Banyon - it would be hard to imagine anything better for you in that price range than the Soundsmith Zephyr, which is a low mass, moving iron cartridge that was designed for the VPI arm/table. I have owned Benz, Lyra, and ZYX and the Zephyr made the analog portion of my system sound far better than the others - just my 2 cents. Good Listening!
The Zyx carts are in general very honest in sound and absolutely uncritical to Tonarms (they guide nearly no energy into the Arm), the VPI will run very good with those. 100RS has a very remarkable Performance for its Price