cartridge selection for vpi10.5/refsupscoutmasters

I have a koetsu rosewood signature platinum cartridge that is about 10 years old but not used in several years (only about 100 hours on it) and I'm getting a vpi reference superscoutmaster signature table with 10.5 tonearm. I have a pass labs xono phonostage/bat 31se preamp combo with passlabs x250.5 amp and magnepan 20.1 speakers. Is the cartridge going to be a good match or would something like a dynevector xv1s or shelter harmony be better? I'm looking for warmth with good bass. The highs from my speakers are so good that I don't need the cartridge to compensate much. Any thoughts?
I woukd definatly give the koetsu a serious tryout. I'm using a koetsu jade on a jmw 10 on a tnt. After reading all the negative stuff about vpi tonearms and koetsu my expectations were low but they work very well together in reality. Also remember the 10.5 will do even better as the bigger aszimith ring and side weights make it a better match with lower compliance cartridges like the koetsu.

I would try a few things though. You might benifit from using the 3 gram headshell weight to increase the effective mass of the arm (not needed with the heavier stone body jade).

Try using no damping or very little (recomended by Mike at VPI)

The standard loading recomendation for your solid state xono would 100 ohms but try higher ones as well, going up to 1000 ohms. You might favor the more open sound of the higher loading. If the koetsu doesn't do it for you, the xv1-s is a great choice. Good luck.
Just to add to the confusion I can report great results with Shelter on the 10.5i. I have a 90x I've used with the 9 sig and now the 10.5i and have enjoyed both. The Harmony you mention should be even better. I get a wonderful midrange and balanced extension on the top and bottom ends as well.