Cartridge set up questions - Spacedeck / Space arm

I have recently obtain a used Spacedeck and Space arm setup. They are the older version. The space arm is the carbon fiber version which is a version older than the latest Ace Space arm.

I have encoutered two problems during set up.

1) The cartridge is too light or the counter weight is too heavy. With the cart installed at end of the head shell, the VTF is fail to meet the required VTF of 1.5 to 1.9 gram.

I had to put a small piece of blu tak on the headshell to provide the correct VTF. Is this normal or did i do something wrong?

2)The left channel is about 3 db louder when playing pink noise. The balance is perfect when playing cd. Again, did I do something wrong?

Please help.
Upon reflection, your 3db difference is likely alignment and not azimuth. How did you determine the 3dB difference? I am MOST interested in why you cannot achieve proper VTF. This seems wholly implausible.
Thanks for the inputs, guys.

The cart in question is a Dynavector 10X4 MkII. It probably had seen 6 - 8 hunderds hours of use. The Phono Cartridge Alignment Tool I use is bought from This tool worked out pretty good for me as I aligned the same cart with it on my VPI HW19 jr/ AQ PT-5.

I determine the VTF with Shure Stylus Force Gauge. I tried adjusting the brass weight, but I had to push the brass cylinder all the way in the sleeve to increase the VTF. Does the anti-skate setting affect VTF?

I was using the using the Hifi News & Record Review Test Record to check the channel balance. Band 4 and Band 5 on side one is pink noise @ -20 db for each channel respectively. And I was measure sound pressure with Radio Shack SPL meter in my listening position. Besides, my listening test confirm this measurement with singer location shift all the way to the left.

During early of cart installation, I broke the blue tonearm wire at the clip, which is for the left channel. I solder it back, does it affect anything?

Please let me know if you guys need more info to troubleshoot.


I am glad that you show up. The spacedeck I got was owned by you at some point according to Joe. You should be familiar with which version is my TT and tonearm.
>During early of cart installation, I broke the blue tonearm wire at the clip, which is for the left channel. I solder it back, does it affect anything?<

Well that might explain the channel imbalance. And the 10X4 is a pretty light cartridge, but I would have thought the range of adjustment on the Spacearm would handle it. I believe I remember it said that Tom Fletcher offers a heavier brass ring that would fix your problem. But now you are at the mercy of Audiophile Systems, and God be with you on that journey.....

I'm not sure what you have there, Kent. One of the Spacedecks that I had, I sold locally, WITHOUT an arm (my son has the other). I sold the Spacearm separately, so I doubt that you have the same table AND arm. At any rate, I used a XX-2 (8.0 gr) on the arm that I had AND a 17d2 (5.3 gr) and was able to set VTF just fine. I am at a loss as to your issue.

If you decide to order a heavier cylinder (it is bronze actually, my mistake), call Nottingham directly and tell them your issue. IF they agree that it needs to be replaced, which I doubt, ask them if you can buy from them directly. When they say you have to go through ASL, tell them you will do so but would like for them to notify ASL that you will be calling them and ask whom you should speak with at ASL. Then, call THAT person at ASL and tell them you talked to Nottingham directly. YOu will get better service that way.
I think I will need a lighter counter weight, right? so I don't have to put extra weight on the headshell.

My DV 10X4 mkII is 4.6 grams. Damn it, I may just get a new cart.

Th bronze ring I get is about 1" in diameter, 1" in height, and 3/16" thick. Is this what you guys have? I may have the extra heavy version when I need the standard one.

The wire clip I soldered is for left channel, which is the louder channel. Could the new soldering make make it louder????