Cartridge set up questions - Spacedeck / Space arm

I have recently obtain a used Spacedeck and Space arm setup. They are the older version. The space arm is the carbon fiber version which is a version older than the latest Ace Space arm.

I have encoutered two problems during set up.

1) The cartridge is too light or the counter weight is too heavy. With the cart installed at end of the head shell, the VTF is fail to meet the required VTF of 1.5 to 1.9 gram.

I had to put a small piece of blu tak on the headshell to provide the correct VTF. Is this normal or did i do something wrong?

2)The left channel is about 3 db louder when playing pink noise. The balance is perfect when playing cd. Again, did I do something wrong?

Please help.
I thought the 10X4 was 6.6 gr. Anyway, there are better cartridges for the Spacearm and I might consider going that way before buying a new weight.
Dynavector 10X5 is 6.6 grams. The older 10X4 mkII is much ligther at 4.6 grams.

What other high output cart should I consider? I like the DV 10X4 sound on my Nottingham setup, other than Norah Jones always sing from the left side.
I liked the Dyna 20XH on the Nott. But even better is the Benz H2. I am currently using an L2 on my Ace-Space/Spacedeck and I love it.

I have solved the VTF problem I had by playing with the tonearm setting. The arm was risen about 1/4" from the the cueing mechanism thus create more room for Bronze ring adjustment. It barely work but at least I don't have to add blu tak on the headshell.

The soundstage still collapse to the left though. It bug the hell out of me!!!! The sound is much better than my cd player with more body on the vocal....I just can't have it all.

I have double checked the cart alignment with 's tool. It look pretty decent to me. Something is definately not right. Any more ideas?
1) Follow Ozzy instruction regarding the lead
2) Borrow or buy a different cartridge for comparison
3) Assess your phono stage and amplification

I doubt very highly that your issues are table or arm related. Having experience with the Spacearm, I have no clue how rising the arm had anythign to do with more freedom of the brass cylinder, but as long as it works.

I have one more suggestion, and I mean this to be helpful. Find someone local who is experienced with arm/cartridge setup. Ask them to go through with you the process step-by-step. Even if you have to pay someone to do this the first time, it is worth the experience in the long run. Alternatively, find one of the many link that go through the process in detail and practice.