Cartrige for vintage Marantz TT

I'm a complete vinyl neophite and want to help my dad buy an appropriate cartrige for his Marantz 6350Q turntable. For what it's worth, the TT is connected to a Marantz 2250B receiver. He has been using a Shure N44C and feels he needs to replace it. Can you suggest a better fit, within the price range, or is this just fine?

Biggest Bang for buck in that arena is a Shure M97XE runs about a $100.00 or less new. Others would be Grado Red. Ortofon 2m Red. All similiarly priced. All of these outperform the Shure N44C. Careful shopping can result in these at very nice prices. My overall favorite in this category would be the Sumiko Pearl and is in same price category.
The Audio Technica 440MLA is amazing...and you can still find one at a pretty cheap street price.