Carver C-4000

hello AuGoNers,
has any one have any experience with this pre-amp?i just found it in my dad storage(been sititng there for a long long time).i know it was working when my dad put it away in storage.since this pre-amp doesnt have any light on it,i couldnt tell if it is on or not..there are so many little buttons on it,i am not sure which one to turn it on.i couldnt find anything on the faceplate that said power..when i hook it up to my amp,i couldnt hear anything out of the speakers at
I have a 4000 that I still use. can service and answer questions regarding your piece, I have had them mod my 4000, he used to be a service tech with them back in the day. Hope this helps.
i've seen pictures of this unit. i must say that it sure is a nice looking one to match up with a series 1 400 amp or a 700b amp.

see the 2 rows of 3 buttons? push the bottom right for power. I hope the pre works, it's a nice one.