Cary 303/300 vs. 306/200?

I'm interested in these two CD players (along with the Opus 21) and am wondering if anyone has made a comparison between the two? I'd like to hear subjective thoughts on what one does better than the other, etc.

I'm thinking of going direct to the amp, so this is a consideration, but I'll take comments from anyone who has done a comparison.

Does anyone know if the 306 SACD has variable output? I don't see it in the specs anywhere.

Lastly, how might the Opus 21 fit with these players?

Try searching for abecollins (one word although the fellow's name is Abe Collins). My memory is that there were adherents to both but more to the 303/300. However, some people (like Abe) prefered the 308T because of it's pure tube output stage, over either the solid state or the tube output stage of the 303/300.


OK, thanks, I'll check out the posts over there. I've read a lot of posts about the 303/300, and it seems there are a number of people who like the SS output better, which comes as a suprise to me.

Going for a 308T might be a great option. I'll have to look into it a bit.

I tested the 303/300 and loved the tube output section -- and I am not a big promoter of tubes. I ended up with the 306SACD, but the 303 is special.
I have have heard the 306/200 its an outstanding warm detailed
player but I would recommend a Sony SCD-1 or Wadia 860 unless you get the new 306 sacd player that is built upon the sony scd-1 but at 6k you'll be better of with sony SDC-1 for $1700 and if later you wish to upgrade you can upgrade the sony to practically surpass units that range from 6k and up.
I HAVE to chime in. The Sony SCD-1 is awful for redbook! The 306/200 will kill it and with todays prices you can get a used 306/200 for about $1400. To this day the 306/200 is one of the best players I have owned, and I now own the 306 Pro.