Cary 306/200 - What next?

Need some advice. I currently own a Cary 306/200 and looking to go to the next level of CD player. I am looking at used players for under $2500.00. SACD is not a priority just a really good player.

Should I stay with the Cary or are there other players that are much better in the price I am look for. I am looking for one player solution.

I too would get the Cary 306. I have the 306 Pro. I had a Naim CDX2 and XPSII but then a I borrowed a friend's 306 for a month. After 3 weeks with it, I sold the Naim gear on Audiogon and purchased the 306 Pro. At the time, I had no idea I would be using it more as a DAC for my computer set up, but it is just as satisfying. I am 95% sure the 306 has a digital in too...

Good luck!
You should try Esoteric! I had a 306sacd and the Esoteric pounded into the dirt. It was only a Esoteric sa-60 and they have much better cdp than that one.