Cary Audio DMS-550 or Aurender A10

I was wonder if anyone had compared the Cary DMS-550 to the Aurender A10?

The streamer would be feeding my T+A PA3000HV integrated amp which drives a pair of T+A TCD 210S speakers. I would describe the T+A amp as being neutral as it gets out of the way of the music.

Comparing the two units - I do like the fact that the A10 has internal storage and in speaking with Aurender tech support the A10’s internal storage can be upgraded with a SSD drive of any capacity. With the DMS-550 I would be attaching a 8TB SSD external drive directly via USB cable.

The above being said, an interesting positive of the DMS-550 is that it has many more input options such as AES/EBU x1, Coaxial x2, Toslink x1 - so it can function as my digital preamp, instead of me connecting my other digital source components analog to the T+A. 

Looking at the internal construction of each unit you can see the A10 having a clear separation of the DAC and Streamer sections each with their own power supplies. This is not the same as the DMS-550, as it shares a power supply. Internally A10 also appears to be a bit cleaner in it's design layout, with possibly better isolation.  

But in the end what matters is the audio signature and the "voice" each unit would impart to my system.

As a side note - I did borrow a friends Lumin T2 an excellent piece of audio gear, but I did find it slightly bright in my system, and little fatiguing after longer listening.

Any thoughts, advise, wisdom would be very much appreciated.
Benzman -  What was the sound signature difference between the DMS-600 and Lumin T2? I was trying to get a DMS-600, but it's discontinued. The DMS-700 was suppose to be released in early 2022 but with the AKM factory fire all AKM based manufacturers will be greatly impacted. 

I was also wonder how the Cocktail Audio X45Pro would play against these streamers. 
The Lumin is Hyper detailed and in the right system would sound fantastic. The Cary is just all around much more listenable for extended periods. I never once had a feeling of I was getting tired of listening.   The Cary has more body in the lower midrange and upper bass.   Just the overall flavor of the chipsets. AKM vs Sabre. 
The Lumin was also tough to sell. The Aurender’s sell easily. The few 600 that come for sale tend to sell quickly for around 3800-4000.