Cary Audio SLA-70B amplifier

I have no schematics for my SLA-70B and Cary Audio no longer offer technical support on this very old [27 year old] amp.  The LED light on the front panel of my SLA-70B Signature Amp does not work [does not light up]. Upon my opening the bottom panel I noticed that the positive side of the LED was “just hanging in the air.  Also a resistor 100K 5W was totally blown up so I cannot take a reading of it at all.

[I don't know why I cannot include an illustration of the issue in question]

The negative of the LED is connected. The positive (orange wire) is just floating loose.  There is a resistor 100K 5W which is connected to GRD and the other side has blown up.

I do hope someone can allow me to upload an illustration. It will definitely help in solving this issue.
Thanks, richfrank

Hey Oldhvymec..  I can see the pictorial,  finally!

BTW: Those pictorials also show the bias potentiometer  OUTSIDE of the chassic. My amp is so old that the bias is inside. I think that is a fabulous idea to be able to modify my old amp.  The pictorial is not that clear. Maybe we can blow it up some to see it clearer. 
Based on the pictorial I can see the connections, but I cannot determine the CORECT VALUES. The small (blow-up) resistor, is it actually 100K 5W ??  And the 2 that are parallel: are they RED/VIOLET/YELLOW  ??  I can't tell.

Do you know what are the correct values?
That is a super simple hard wired amp is there a local tech you can take it to?
I think I’d be all over Cary. HEY! Provide some service or provide the info I need to fix it myself. I’d get someone on the phone to tell me I’m SOL, then I would tell them, bad mistake, you guys are going to be my hobby, and it’s going to get ugly, your call.
OP that is what I found in 1 minute, honestly one minute..

I would look at ANY Cary. See how the power LED is wired up.. There's a hint, take it..