Cary Audio SLA-70B amplifier

I have no schematics for my SLA-70B and Cary Audio no longer offer technical support on this very old [27 year old] amp.  The LED light on the front panel of my SLA-70B Signature Amp does not work [does not light up]. Upon my opening the bottom panel I noticed that the positive side of the LED was “just hanging in the air.  Also a resistor 100K 5W was totally blown up so I cannot take a reading of it at all.

[I don't know why I cannot include an illustration of the issue in question]

The negative of the LED is connected. The positive (orange wire) is just floating loose.  There is a resistor 100K 5W which is connected to GRD and the other side has blown up.

I do hope someone can allow me to upload an illustration. It will definitely help in solving this issue.
Thanks, richfrank

Does anyone have any idea the type and voltage/amperage requirements are for the power LED in the Cary SL-70B amp?  I have changed the resistors in question, and when I plug in the amp, the power fuse 3 AMP SLOW BLOW ---> BLOWS UP.  I'm thinking the power LED may be shorted perhaps? But where do I get a new one? What is the model number? When I walk into a tech shop and ask for a Power LED what other info is needed to obtain the correct one?

Hello all. I realize this thread is about the amp, but I have a problem with my Cary CD 306/200 and have run out of options. Does anybody have a schematic diagram for this player ? It’s been at the shop for months and they are not able to troubleshoot it and Cary calls it obsolete with no support. Any help or lead would be greatly appreciated. 

I have a problem with an old Hasselblad camera. Does anyone have the schematic?

Good luck on fixing your SLA 70. I ran the SLM 70 mono for years beautiful mid range.