Cary Audio SLI-80HS vs Primaluna Dialogue HP or Evo Integrated Amps

Greetings all...  I ready to move into the tube integrated two channel world.  I've never owned tubes before but I've always been enamored with Mac stuff and recently heard the Rogue Audio and was hooked.  I have done a lot of research and have narrowed my choices down to these two amps.  I live in Va Beach, VA and don't have access to them for an audition so I'm buying 'blind'.  I've read many reviews and watched many videos (Kevin Deal is quite the salesman!) but was hoping to get more input here. I doubt I'll find many that have compared the two directly but I thought I'd try.  Does anyone have any input here?  And, I'm slightly concerned about having to bias the Cary.  Is this something that I should be concerned about / is it difficult / time consuming?  Thanks for any input.  I appreciate it! 
I don’t know how the biasing works on that Cary but it’s probably not difficult. A very small flat blade screwdriver and a multi meter is all you need if it doesn’t have self biasing features. Generally Cary tends to have a strong bottom end while Prima Luna is more balanced. I’d ask for an audition at your home.

Edit: biasing the Cary is a breeze. I looked at the online owner’s manual. Still not as easy as the PrimaLuna’s auto biasing. 
And the Cary has a Class A Triode mode. 
I had a 2010 Cary SLI-80 and really enjoyed it.  In fact I realized I've missed it quite a bit in my 2nd system and have recently traded in a piece of gear to Cary and have a new SLI-80HS on the way.  The biggest difference in the updated model is the solid state rectification which should give it even better extended bass.  I plan to pair it with Klipsch Forte III's which I just demoed this evening with a Rogue Cronus Magnum III - the pairing was really nice.  

Tube biasing on the Cary is simple as the poster stated above.  Screwdriver and multimeter.  Once the amp and tubes are broken in a bit you really only need to adjust the bias a few times per year at most.  

Clearly the SLI-80HS and Dialogue Premium HP are intended to go head to head.  They both have triode and UL modes and nearly identical output and price.  I haven't heard the PL but they take a little different approach with double the output tubes but overall the design seems very thoughtful, if not perhaps too user friendly to the point it has what I consider too many extra parts - the auto bias (maybe because of so many tubes being used), the EL34.KT88 switch to accommodate a slightly wider range of output tubes while still being able to autobias (I'm not sure why you'd want to use KT150s in this amp), and there is a bad tube indication function - none of which are on the Cary.  It's pretty easy for me to tell when a tube is going bad.  I suspect the PL sounds best loaded with 8 EL34s and the Cary sounds best with four KT77s or KT88s. Probably due to the huge arsenal of tubes in the PL it consumes and an enormous 470 watts compared to Cary's 166 watts.

I have never listened to a PL but I'd sure give it a chance.  I'm really just weighing in from an older SLI-80 owner's perspective.  I'm very interested in seeing how the 80HS compares.
Primaluna Dialogue HP is great, but IMHO if you don't run KT150s in it (expensive) you are not hearing it at it's best.  I made the mistake of going KT120 before KT150 and should have just gone KT150 from the start.  Phenomenal headphone amp is a total bonus.