Cary Audio SLI-80HS vs Primaluna Dialogue HP or Evo Integrated Amps

Greetings all...  I ready to move into the tube integrated two channel world.  I've never owned tubes before but I've always been enamored with Mac stuff and recently heard the Rogue Audio and was hooked.  I have done a lot of research and have narrowed my choices down to these two amps.  I live in Va Beach, VA and don't have access to them for an audition so I'm buying 'blind'.  I've read many reviews and watched many videos (Kevin Deal is quite the salesman!) but was hoping to get more input here. I doubt I'll find many that have compared the two directly but I thought I'd try.  Does anyone have any input here?  And, I'm slightly concerned about having to bias the Cary.  Is this something that I should be concerned about / is it difficult / time consuming?  Thanks for any input.  I appreciate it! 
Don't get me wrong, the amp sounds awesome with EL34s.  But in my opinion a very different/more relaxed sound than the KT family, and yeah, the KT150s did all the things KT120s did but better with no downside I could find.  And the KT120s were a step up from KT88s.  I struggled to love the EL34 sound in spite of a ton of's merely a preference thing as you say.  KT150s still sound like great tubes, but are a little more SS neutral perhaps.  I want to love some solid state amps but I haven't, and still own a couple good ones (SimAudio Moon, but sold my First Watt after trying to love it for a couple years in a couple systems).  I haven't heard the other two amps in question and I know Cary is a great amp manufacturer from my reading.
I’m looking for that ‘tube sound’ so reaching for kt150s to bring more SS slam is really not my desire at the moment as I’m ready to get a less clinical sound and more ‘tone’.  I’m hopeful the kt88s are a nice balance between the el34s and kt150s
if you want the warm, midrangey tube sound, EL34’s are the key. They give so much depth to the sound. I would say that if an amp was designed for them, why change? You can always roll different brands of EL34’s. They are inexpensive tubes. 
The KT150s are not clinical nor SS sounding.  They're just not on the buttery and bloated end of the tube spectrum.  But try EL34s and see how you like them first...I agree that they're a lot cheaper way to go.
Didn't Herb just review the Cary for Stereophile?  Search out the review--I seem to remember it includes some comparisons.