Cary Audio SLP-5 Preamp Tube Replacement.

Hello Guys,

I have stock tubes in my Cary SLP-05 and want to replace them with Psvane CV181-T MKII (6SN7) or you have any other recommendations? I am hoping you can help me if I need to buy all eight tubes or I can do with less tubes. I hope they fit in Cary and which slots I should replace them in? I only use RCA cables and not balanced cables. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.



Hi all, 

just ordered Linlai E6SN7 quad for SLP05. I had Linlai before on Supratech Caberet and liked them. So, let's see how they fare with Cary. I will let you know. Thanks to you all.

Very curious to see how the tubes work out for you! I’m about to finish building a Tubes4HiFi SP14 preamp and will be needing to order a quad of 6SN7’s for it.


Been leaning towards the Black Treasure CV181, but have read good things about the Linlai E-6SN7’s. otherwise it’s going to be some NOS Sylvania.


The prices from AliXpress are really good on the Linlai. 

@couger4u  , I meant to ask you who you ordered from?  (I may want to upgrade in those four sockets myself.)

@immatthewj I ordered from AliExpress as they have the lowest prices as @perkri said. Viva tubes has them, but the price is about $100 more. The expected delivery is March 8th. Keeping my fingers crossed.