Cary Audio V12R


I'm very keen to purchase a Cary Audio V12R tube amp. What is the going price for the item currently...

Appreciate the feedback.
I don't want to bust your bubble however,  the latest  Cary amplifiers sound way better, the 120S MK II is a really nice amp the older V12 that I demoed years ago at SBS in the City just didn't have any magic and its bass drive way nothing special. 

I had the V12R. nice amp, but runs hot enough to fry a burger on. I have the CAD 120's and had new hexfreds and Cardas caps put in. With the SLP98P pre there is no need to upgrade to the Mark II because there is plenty of gain in the pre. I wouldn't trade it.
It "depends".  Results can vary greatly from one system to the next.  

I have an upgraded Cary V12R tube amp and the latest Cary SA-200.2 solid state amp. I just sold a very heavily upgraded SLI-80 Signature tube amp back to Cary's Certified program.  After all the changes, Cary's techs felt my SLI-80 was one of the "best amps they've every heard" in their studio, period" unquote.  Reportedly, the new owner absolutely loves it. I felt it was nice, "okay", but not as good as others. It's all subjective and dependent on other equipment, room, and setup.  While I felt my former Cary Audio SLI-80 Sig was very nice, I've heard a heavily  upgraded/modified Cary V12R that sounded even better; super nice.  In all cases, having the right coupling caps, hexfreds, internal wiring, and good tubes installed in the amp with decent interconnects and the right matching speakers really does make a difference. Any of these amps can sound much better with the right upgrades. I've not been too impressed the stock 120S amp yet, it's okay. Seems like it could benefit from upgrades. 

I've been messing with going back to trying different high end Cardas copper interconnects between sources to my Cary SLP-98 tube preamp and the Cary SA-200.2 solid state amp. To my own surprise, the SA-200.2 (yes, solid state amp) sounds more tube and lush than many high end tube amps from other brands.  Quite amazing in fact.  Having a really good (upgraded) preamp in front of any of Cary's amplifiers also make an amazing difference too, including a good set of matching speakers.  It all depends, and results can vary greatly from one system to the next, and people hear things differently too.   
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my Cary V12R and either Cary SLP98 or Audible Illusions M3. Best speaker cables were Goertz silver AG1s combined with Goertz Sapphire silver interconnects. Lacked for nothing driving Infinity Prelude Compositions, 96db, 6 Ohm, 25Hz bass. Miss that set up. Best, mikirob