Cary DMS 700 vs Aurender A300

(Edited) My mistake : Aurender A20

Has anyone auditioned these 2 ? Similar price points and panache make me wonder who comes out on top and what you hear


I had a Aurender A100, Cary 600,700 and a Lumin T2 so maybe I can help. 
The Aurender and the Cary both use AKM chips. While the T2 uses the Sabre chips

You can’t beat the Cary for features. Wireless,Bluetooth, can be used just as a streamer, SD card playback etc. Swiss Army knife. Will always sound good, never fatiguing . Their app is good but quirky.  For me it just didn’t dig deep. I moved on to  a Bricasti which just sounds much bigger and lively. 
The Lumin T2 sounded great on 90 percent of the music played on my system but with the Persona 5F beryllium midrange and tweeter could get edgy, ,but if the rest of your system is on the warmer side of neutral it may work well. 

Have not heard the A200 but I assume it will be similar to the 700 but have the advantage of local storage which the Cary lacks. 

Really comes down to features as they are both great companies


 The Cary’s remote is the best I ever used as it will run everything if you lose Wi fi. The Cary’s manual is 80 pages and written very well. 

I don't know what Aurender's policy is, but Cary allows a 30 day trial period, you just pay return shipping cost.  Another difference is Cary sells direct to consumer which may be a better value and if you're buying new, Cary Direct runs sales throughout the year if you're patient.

@rkfaberdds I am an Aurender dealer, but I used to have an almost all Cary system. The two units approach the solution very differently.

The A200 is a streamer/server first and a DAC second. The chassis design, power supply, and isolation characteristics overall will result in a lower noise floor and wider, and deeper soundstage. The DAC implementation is very linear and truly focuses on simply converting the signal as pure as possible without the addition of any coloration. As others mention, the A200 features the ability for internal storage, and if you have a local library, be prepared to be amazed at how good this sounds because of Aurender’s implementation. Finally, the user experience of the Conductor app is quite good, and there are product teams actively improving the app since that is a center point of their offering across products. 

Cary designs the DMS DAC first. While they unit sports a streamer, most of the love in the unit goes to the DAC implementation and analog stage of the unit. It produces a more harmonic, but ultimately less resolving sound. Depending on what you want the unit to do, it may actually be the more musical and engaging unit and the one you gravitate to. The DAC implementation and output stage actually results in sonics that are quite pleasant, and I cannot contest that, but you may be looking for immediacy and separation in the long run.

If customer support is a factor, I would go with Aurender hands down. I have had a few encounters with Cary support in past years, and unless they’ve changed that for the better recently, I can say they weren’t the most positive of experiences. Part of their operations went down when Dennis Had stepped away. 

Thank you everyone.  I was leaning Aurender, but you’ve helped me decide on the Aurender.  Financing is not part of the equation thankfully.