Cary SLI-80HS Integrated

Can anyone advise me as to what the round cylinders mounted behind the transformers on top of the amp at rear are?  One is loose, rotates and slides up and down.  The left side is secure.  Amp seems to run fine.  Should I not be running the amp in this condition?


Thanks, Tim


Most likely capacitors.  most likely what is twisting is a dust cover.  I see 3 screws that probably fasten everything in place.  I wouldn't rotate it.  Rotating ta cap could cause the leads to short, although not likely.  

If it were mine, I'd just take the bottom off and tighten it and go back to listening.  Most people don't like to look inside.


Sounds like caps (have not see a photo). 

go in from under and tighten them 

Yes, those are caps. Unplug the amp, remove the tubes, turn the amp over or on it’s side and remove the base plate (several screws). There should be 3 or 4 screws with washers & nuts on each cap mount, one might have come loose or is missing. Should be an easy fix.