Cary slp-05 tubes rumor or fact?

Fellow audiophiles,

I would love to try the Black Treasure 6SN7 tubes in my Cary slp-05 preamp but am worried that their base is too large to fit into the openings on the top of the preamp. This same question has been asked before, but without response. Can anyone confirm or refute this?

You response is much appreciated!

You could try to purchase an "Octal saver" which is an adapter that would raise the height of the socket. Not sure how deep Cary's sockets are so you might not be able to easily retrieve the adapter once you put it in place. Good luck.
The spacers may give you the ability to try the tubes but how would you ever know the real gain of them by adding another large connection that surely would have some negative effect.

Has2be has a point BUT I'm betting you will know if the tubes are better or not even with the extra connection.
Tyi them with the sockets. If it indeed sounds better, you could consider something more drastic as Has2be suggests also.
If they don't sound better, don't even think about if it's JUST because of the sockets (it won't be), sell the tubes and move on.
I'm curious as to why you are so anxious to try new production 6SN7's given that the 6SN7 is one of the few tubes for which there are still tons and tons of excellent new-old-stock available at reasonable prices. The better production out of Shuguang is indeed good stuff - I'm not trying to diss the Black Treasure tubes - but it hardly seems necessary.
What type of sound are you looking for John?

I have tried quite a few different 6SN7 tubes in my SLP-05 (but admittedly not the Black Treasures). While changing the tone and character of the music the different tubes almost without fail saw a loss in dynamics and air and sometimes resolution too.