Cary SLP-98 vs Rogue 99.... and tube rolling?

I have the Cary 98 and was wondering if anyone here has had experience between this preamp and the Rogue 99 preamp? If so, can you tell me which does vocals/midrange better?

What I'm looking for is a clean and solidly focused vocal... no smearing, but tight tight focused vocals. Right now, with my Plinius SA102 amp and my Martin Logan Summits, I find that the vocal image is very good... but I'm always wondering about if I could improve it a bit more. I tested the Rogue Perseus and found it to be very good in my system, but had a bit of grain that translated to a "shouty" vocal image at times. The 99, which I heard in the store through some Audio Physic Tempo III speakers were very tight in the vocal region, but I dont know how that compares to the Cary 98.

Also, which cheaper 6sn7 tubes (Sovtek, Sylvania, RCA) allow for a "more focused vocal image"... I like that heft that you could sink your teeth into.

Let me know... thanks in advance?

I owned the Cary SLP-98P for a couple of years a while ago. While I never did a direct comparison with the Rogue 99, I have heard from others who are familiar with both that the Cary 98 is quite a bit better.

As for tubes, I am familiar with the Sylvania VT231 (6SN7 equiv) and the RCA Black Base 6SN7's. Sylvania NOS VT231s are not cheap anymore and, by far, the better of the two. If Sovtek 6SN7's are like any of their other tubes, they are not any where close to a good set of Sylvania VT231/6SN7's.

I know someone who has a Rogue Perseus pre' and is considering a Rogue 99 or a Cary SLP-98. If he gets both pre's in for an audition, I will ask to have a listen and report back.

Not sure if I can address the "more focused vocal image" you mentioned, in connection with the pre-amps or the tubes. Syl VT231s have lots of physical heft (in their sound), in general, though.
I own the 99Magnum and like it. I haven't compared it to many others but it sounds fairly neutral with excellent bottom end. It doesn't have excessive bloom but has a very clear, liquid sound. For the used prices they are going for these days(around $1000) it seems like a good buy.
I had both in my system a few weeks after I posted this. FOr me, the clear winner was the Cary 98 over the Rogue 99. The Cary was more musical, better sounding and responded real well to NOS Sylvania tubes... which made the 98 far better than the 99 was.